Socket Head (A2 Stainless)

A Din 912 partly threaded socket cap head screw comes in an A2 stainless steel finish. The stainless finishes adds to the usage and versatility of the socket cap. The size ranges in stainless are typically smaller than self colour finishes. This is due to market demand. The stainless finish is utilised in costal, heat, chemical, corrosive or pressurised environments. Stainless steel is also used where there is a requirement for an aesthetically finished product. The socket cap can is used in very specific engineering finished where the precise length is required internally within a specific assembly such as engines or gearboxes.


  • The Din 912 in stainless steel is typically supplied as a grade 8.8. This is not exactly precise as the product undergoes strength changes due to the use of a non ferrous metal. The product is considered a grade BS 5. The certification is slightly different than the ferrous grade certification.
  • The stainless product has a slightly burnished look which separates it from zinc.
    The A2 stainless steel is a 304 / 188 product. The product is stainless steel however the product can suffer from some staining in very harsh environments. This normally does not effect the application. The staining can be a result of the stainless fitting being accompanied with a ferrous or zinc finish nut or washer or from the item being fixed together.
  • Unusually an UNC or UNF thread types are available in stainless. These threads are supplied as a non standard product. They are also sourced specifically for the customers or specific applications.
  • The partial thread allows the socket cap to be centrally located into a fixing application. Care and attention needs to be insured when fitting to ensure that the set is threaded and not cross threaded which will effect fitting, fixing and removal performance.
  • The socket head allows for smooth fitting even using standardised tools. The socket head also allows for precise torqueing values
    The socket head also allows for engineering and standard washers to accompany the fitting ensuring torqueing precision and load displacement
  • All socket cap products supplied by The Bolt Company are considered an industrial fastener, suitable for manufacturing and therefor conform to the recognised CE and EN standards. Based on this TBC do not supply 4.6 grade socket cap in any finish type as they are not considered an industrial fastener


Socket Head (A2 Stainless)

Din 912 | Tarricode 73181595


Brand  The Bolt Company 
Product Type Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw 
Description  Socket Cap Screw
Relevant Code Din 912 – EN ISO 4762 – BS 4168
Additional Code  CSN 021143; PN 82302; UNI 5931
CE Standard (Tested to EN) EN ISO 4762
Package Quantity  QTY per box 200,100,50,25,10,5,2 – Depending on diameter and product length 
Diameter range from 3,4,5,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,27,30,36 MM 
Product Diameter (MM) Diameter range from 3,4,5,6,8,10,12,14,16,MM 
Product Grade  Strength grade ranges from BS 5-8            
Thread Type Metric 
Material Finish  A2 Stainless steel 
Colour Stainless / Silver 
Fitting Method ( Tool )  Allen Socket Set, Allen Drive 
Fitting Tool Head Size Depending on socket diameter 


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